Dr Biyani launched India-Japan bilateral research project on Cancer in collaboration with Prof Ashok Kumar (University of Rajasthan) and Prof Takanori Ichiki (University of Tokyo)>>>>Dr Biyani host an International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering & Technology at Biyani Girls College in Jaipur on Nov 26-27, 2010 >>>>Dr Biyani's work highlighted on the Front cover page of Analytical Biochemistry (issue 409) by Elsevier Publication.
About Dr. Manish Biyani

Dr Manish Biyani has a dual responsibility in India and Japan. In India, he is director for the Biyani Group of Colleges in Jaipur, where he is involved to develop research-based interdisciplinary curriculum with an optimal blend of knowledge and professional skills. In Japan, he is a faculty staff member of Bioengineering department at The University of Tokyo, where he is involved in both academic and project research works. He is also a president of Indian scientist association in Japan, where he is involved to promote scientific interaction and research networks between India and Japan.


Biyani groups of girls colleges Biyani International Institute of engineering & technology Educational web portel Biyani Conferences Dr. Biyani host 6th International Conference on Innovation in the latest Healthcare Issues (Sept 19-21, 2011) and GenNext: the green engineering and digital era (Sept 22-24, 2011) at Biyani Girls College in Jaipur.
Dr. Biyani’s work published in ACS Combinatorial Science Journal (July 18, 2011)


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